Our Little Homestead

When my husband and I moved back home from serving in the Army, we decided we wanted to grow our own food. We found a bargain of a property on an acre of land. Five years later, we’d only done a few improvements here and there.

Hubby and I are both very much of the belief that things happen when they’re supposed to happen. We just have to be open to God’s plan (or the enegy of the universe if you don’t believe in God).

At the start of the year, we got a ton (several tons actually) of free mulch. Then, a couple weeks ago, a friend gave me a few seedlings. My sister-in-law gave us some bricks. And, I guess it was time. We pulled out some wood poles my brother had given us years ago and had just been sitting in a corner of our yard. He had also given us a bunch of 55 gallon drums, which we cut in half. So, free bricks, free poles, and free drums. It was the exactly the right amount.

We had a full setup to get a patio garden started. Lowes even had bags of garden soil on sale. Bought a few more plants and used some seeds we had previously bought. We are well on our way to home-grown veggies soon!

We planted some fruit trees. And, about two months ago, we bought some chickens. Fresh eggs! One of our chickens lays blue eggs. So cool!

It’s finally happening, and it’s incredibly exciting. I guess my point is that I do believe things happen when they’re meant to happen. I kept getting frustrated with my husband that we weren’t moving forward with our plans. But, it seemed that when the time was right, everything just kind fell into place.

I’m looking forward to watching our little farm grow.

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